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todd sucherman

On Playing with Styx, Releasing his Solo Album, and Committing to the Drums

By Michael Molenda and Matt Gibson • Courtesy of Kingdom of Rock Podcast

During the pandemic, the Kingdom of Rock Podcast (founded by Matt Gibson) added live videostream episodes on "COVID-19 and the Music Industry." The thought was to share information on maintaining artistic creativity, nurturing morale, and taking positive action while the gig and recording industries—and the resulting revenue and cultural streams—shut down for an unspecified period.

The episodes have included guests such as Steve Vai, Michael Sweet, Steve Lukather, Elliot Easton, Johnny A, Steve Stevens, Orianthi, Jennifer Batten, and others — even "Ralph Mouth" from Happy Days —discussing strategies and helpful tips for musicians seeking counsel on how to best move forward during near-apocalyptic times for the music industry.

The May 18. 2020 episode featured Styx drummer Todd Sucherman, who shared a lot of knowledge about his gear, his production techniques, influences, and activities during lockdown. You can revisit Sucherman's episode below. Enjoy!

 watch the show 

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