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So what's thiS About?

NowGenDrums is committed to inspiring, evangelizing, assisting, nurturing, promoting, teaching, and otherwise unleashing the potential of all drummers and percussionists.

We focus on female drummers, young drummers, and percussionists because we feel those communities have been somewhat underserved in the media landscape. But we don't ignore legends, working musicians, hobbyists, weekend warriors, and drummers of all ages and styles, either. If you're passionate about bashing stuff, we are here for you.

To that end, if you want to see something (or someone) covered on the site, or if you're upset about any aspect of our content, or if there is anything at all you want to communicate to us, all you have to do is send an email to

Dana, Clem, and I promise to review all emails and get back to you. 

We want NowGenDrums to serve YOU.


Now get out there and play!



Michael Molenda

Founder, Guardians of Guitar

Co-Founder, NowGenDrums 

Singing & Dance
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